Monday, February 18, 2013

Budget Gaming Reviews

Welcome to my new blog, Budget Gaming Reviews. My plan for this blog, as a broke college student/gamer, is to review games, while not spending much money. 

That said, I will not be reviewing every new game that comes out. I may review new games every now and then, but I'm broke, and this is a good excuses to work through the pile of games I have, but haven't beaten. 

Armed only with a Playstation 3 and a non-gaming laptop, I'll be giving honest reviews of whichever random game catches my eye. I'll be rating graphics, gameplay, and storyline (provided it has one), and I will list what systems the game is for, when the game was released, and the average price of the game. 

(I will do my best not to have to rate crappy games, but even I get fooled sometimes. And I'll be damned if I have to quit a game after I've bought it, but it's been known to happen. So if I get sucked into a crappy game, I will finish it, and rate it, if for no other reason than stubborn pride. You have been warned.)

I will hopefully be expanding to more systems and more games if/when my cash flow situation increases (yeah, riiiiight....), so please stay tuned. My first review will be Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which I will hopefully have up in the next couple weeks (it's a big freaking game), so I'll see you then. 

P.S.: I post long distances for my deadlines because I don't wanna feel super pressured, and also I have other crap to do, but I'll usually try to post before the deadline anyway so I can start on the next thing. Just an FYI.

The Budget Gamer.